Hi, I’m Nicola.

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. It all stemmed from a love of reading. I was the kid yawning in class because I’d been reading under the covers until way past my bedtime. Then when I realised that anyone could write a story, I was lost in my imagination coming up with stories in a lot of my free time.

In 2010 I headed across to Vancouver, BC and I started a blog to keep people back home up to date on my adventures. Mainly because I couldn’t be bothered sending tons of emails (sorry, that sounds awful!) and my love of writing and storytelling was reignited. Once the Canadian dream was over I threw myself into studying for my Professional Certificate in Marketing before going on to get my Diploma in Communications.

I’ve been getting paid to write for over six years now and I still can’t believe I get to do something I absolutely love as a career.

When I’m not tapping away on my laptop, you’ll find me outside with my family, preferably by some water or somewhere high up with a view.

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